Jewellery is not just the final touch to an outfit. It is a way to express our own individuality…

NAIIAD Contemporary Designer Jewellery – Elegant & Spirited

The mixed influences of its French designer resonate through each piece, with strong lines and an alluring mix of techniques and textures.

Her constant search of contrasts in shapes, playing with symmetry and asymmetry and combining various techniques and materials, results in pieces that are unusual and striking.

With their modern, sleek and strong lines, NAIIAD creations are bold, yet elegant and feminine. The very tactile creations appeal to the confident and independent women who embrace their sensuality, who like to wear jewellery as unique as they are…

Jewellery is not just the final touch to an outfit, it is a way to express one’s own individuality. And NAIIAD designs do just that with a unique mix of elegance, strength, spirit and sensuality…


“I like contrasts in shapes, colours and textures.

I like pure, sleek and strong lines.

I like jewellery that makes a statement”

Laetitia, Designer/Maker.