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My Designs

Whether for clothes or jewellery, I have always looked for unique pieces. I have considered having some pieces made because I could not find what I was looking for. I knew what I wanted, I could picture in my mind. I am particularly attracted to contrasts. I have always been… As a teenager I would mix feminine and masculine elements. [...]

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Materials and Components

Whether in home décor, fashion or accessories such as jewellery, materials and components are one of the main consideration for a designer. They are often the source of inspiration for a collection, or they are researched after a designer has imagined a particular design or collection, picturing the exact fabric, metal, stone, colours and other details. Knowing exactly in his [...]

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Statement Pieces

A statement piece, whether it is a piece of art, furniture, clothing or an accessory, is usually defined as an interesting, unusual and eye-catching piece. It is not always big and bright or colourful, but it is typically bold and unique. The first thing we might notice when entering a room or looking at a person. A good word to [...]

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