“River” necklace

“River” necklace


Argentium* silver chain maille necklace.


“Flowing around the neck

Falling like a shimmering cascade

Adorning both the bust & back.

For the beautiful back of a woman

Is so often forgotten…”

This stunning design is oh so feminine and delicate, yet so unique and a statement piece in its own right. The fluidity and shimmer of the chain maille come fully to life in this design, draping around the neck and following the curves of the body. The necklace falls in symmetry on the bust and on the back. 
This very fluid chain maille necklace is handcrafted with about 1,000 tiny Argentium* silver rings assembled one at a time.  A true work of love and patience to create a wonderfully tactile piece of jewellery. Four tiny yellow gold beads adorn the ends of the necklace.
A feminine and elegant design with a true luxury feel… 
The necklace is worn close to the neckline. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding measurements.
* About Argentium silver, “The Finest Silver”…
Argentium silver is a modern alloy which is stronger, brighter and whiter than traditional Sterling silver. It is purer than Sterling silver as it contains 93.5% pure silver (92.5% for Sterling silver). Made of less copper than Sterling silver, Argentium is highly tarnish resistant therefore requiring less maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic, making it more suitable for customers who have an allergy to traditional Sterling silver. Made from ethically sourced silver, Argentium is responsible…