“Torc” necklace

“Torc” necklace


Modern, statement solid / fluid silver necklace.


“Strength in its symmetry

Softness in its shimmers

Duality in its textures

For the Goddess in all of us…”

This statement piece draws its inspiration from the bronze age torcs translated into a modern design. The satin sheen of the torc contrasts beautifully with the fluidity and texture of the polished chain maille. A bold yet elegant design for the confident woman…
This collar part of this design is given a brushed satin finish. The chain maille section is made of small Argentium* silver ring assembled one at a time. The pendant measures approximately 15 cm long. The collar measures approximately is 16 inches/40 cm inner diameter. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss measurements.
* About Argentium silver, “The Finest Silver”…
Argentium silver is a modern alloy which is stronger, brighter and whiter than traditional Sterling silver. It is purer than Sterling silver as it contains 93.5% pure silver (92.5% for Sterling silver). Made of less copper than Sterling silver, Argentium is highly tarnish resistant therefore requiring less maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic, making it more suitable for customers who have an allergy to traditional Sterling silver. Made from ethically sourced silver, Argentium is responsible…