The Designer

“I believe that passion is inside all of us. It is about finding it and following it…”

Born in the South of France close to the border with Italy, I was lucky to travel the world for a few months and visit many countries. After living for 2 years in Sydney, Australia and 3 years in Paris, France, I now live in the beautiful West of Ireland with my 2 children.

After working in various jobs I found myself more and more attracted to setting up my own business. I explored different ideas and decided to set up a stall at a local market, selling products from the South of France where I come from, as a test before setting up a full blown business. One day, a jeweller approached my pop up “shop” which included some jewellery, and he suggested I made my own instead of selling someone else’s. Being attracted to jewellery and fashion from a very young age, his suggestion made complete sense. It was like a light switched on in my exploration of business ideas… And so we moved to Paris for me to integrate a jewellery school.

I learnt metalsmithing and jewellery design at the AFEDAP Jewellery School in Paris. I then discovered the art of chainmail, an ancient art of assembling rings one at a time to weave fabric like patterns with metal. Chainmail is beautifully fluid and tactile, and I love exploring the endless creative possibilities offered by mixing chainmail with traditional silversmithing techniques. It allows me to create modern, feminine and unique pieces of jewellery which are a true pleasure to wear. Contemporary and Modernist jewellery have always caught my eye for the strong yet pure lines and bold pieces of jewellery. Such designs as well as my travels around the world are all sources of influence for my own jewellery designs – Elegant and Spirited….

My passion for jewellery has always been a part of me from a young age, and I would always bring a piece of jewellery from all the countries I travelled to. My designs today are a direct reflection of my personal journey over the past few years, going through some tough times and coming our stronger on the other side. Standing proud as a person, and as woman. Finding my true self through those struggles over the years, refusing to settle for anything that does not meet my core values and principles. Standing tall yet keeping a soft heart. Reminding myself each day to live life to the full with integrity, resilience and gratitude.

My designs are a reflection of all that I am today… They are an expression of finding and embracing my true deep nature as a woman, my femininity and sensuality. Trying to learn and grow more each day. Holding my head high yet so grateful for all that I have… My jewellery is an expression of all that I aspire to be, and hope to inspire other woman to become through their own personal journey. Celebrating their unique beauty and spirit, their strength and softness all at once. The essence of a woman…

Following our very own and unique path takes self-honesty and courage. It is what helps us grow into the person, the woman we are meant to be. This is what drives my passion, my designs. In honour of all the woman who are strong and independent, who follow their own hearts…

Passion in inside all of us. It is about finding it and following it…

Laetitia Sorohan, designer & maker