My designs are a reflection of finding and embracing your true deep nature as a woman, your femininity and sensuality. Learning and growing more each day, holding your head high with grace and an open heart. My jewellery is an expression of all that I aspire to be, and hope to inspire other woman to become through their own personal journey.

Celebrating your own unique beauty and spirit, your strength and softness all at once. The essence of a woman…

A Goddess…

From my heart & soul to yours…

Laetitia, designer/maker  

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“Jewellery is not just the final touch to an outfit, it is a way to express one’s own individuality…”



“There is a whole body to adorn, and I aim to create pieces that are both elegant and spirited, and as unique as the women who wear them…”

Laetitia, designer/Maker

If you would like to adjust a particular design to fit your requirements, or to make it more personal, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Most designs can be made in silver, gold filled or gold. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote, or to discuss what you have in mind to make your design truly unique…


About the Designer…

“In honour of all the woman – to make you feel and be the beautiful, strong and independent woman you are, following your own heart, with love and grace – my jewellery is for you”

Laetitia, designer/maker

Born in France, I now live in the beautiful West of Ireland with my 2 children. I learnt metalsmithing and jewellery design in Paris. I then discovered the art of chain maille, an ancient art of assembling rings one at a time to weave fabric like patterns with metal. Chain maille is beautifully fluid and tactile, and I love exploring the endless creative possibilities offered by mixing chain maille with traditional silversmithing techniques. It allows me to create modern, feminine and unique pieces of jewellery which are a true pleasure to wear….


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What NAIIAD’s customers have to say…

Laetitia, I am delighted to recommend you and your beautiful jewelry. I purchased a necklace from you at the craft fair in Nenagh in December. It is a really versatile and stylish piece and it brings we lots of joy and compliments when I wear it. You sent it to me by post and I would like to reassure your would-be purchasers that your service is prompt and totally professional and to have no fear ordering online. Wishing you great success in all you do and hope to see you in Nenagh in December.

Heather Persse

My jewellery arrived today and I am very happy with it and I look forward to wearing it, hopefully for many years. I’ll be happy to let everyone know where it came from as I have no doubt it will get a lot of attention. Continued success and best regards. 

Jacinta Tighe

I bought two pieces of jewellery from Laetitia for my partner. I was attracted by the uniqueness and individuality of the designs, as well as the high quality of the work. Laetitia’s beautiful, distinctive creations and her attention to detail mean that we have acquired little pieces of art that command attention and admiration whenever they are worn

Austin Creaven
J’ai acheté à NAIIAD un collier en argent tour du cou ainsi que d’autres bijoux (bracelets et boucles  d’oreille).
Tous ces bijoux m’ont attiré par leur originalité, leur modernité et leur élégance. De plus le collier en argent m’a été envoyé dans un écrin magnifique, ‘très classe’ digne des grands couturiers parisiens.
Danielle Ferrante

I bought a necklace and earrings made by Laetitia a few years ago. Laetitia was just starting her business and I found her work so original that I straightaway decided I should treat myself and buy this lovely set of jewellery.

I was drawn immediately to her creations and each time I wear them people notice. They are unique and highly feminine.

Her jewellery makes women feel elegant with a magic touch which says so much about a woman’s soul.

Marie-Pierre Fiorio-Bazen

Bijoux originaux d’une qualité exceptionnelle.
Laetitia Sorohan est une passionnée talentueuse.
Le bijou à offrir!❤️

Celine Beauroy

Design magnifique superbe qualite et livraison en France sans probleme dans un tres beau packaging beaucoup d’elegance et d’allure nous recommandons vivement les creations NAIIAD !!!

Christian Laporte

Bought wonderful necklace, sterling silver chain maille and Murano glass – Got many many compliments from my friends – Feel radiant when I wear it – Very gifted artist – Bravo Laetitia!!!

Hhm Verain

I have just received a beautiful box from Naiiad, Beautifully presented and my beautiful necklace, matching earrings and bracelet. I am inwardly smiling and hugging myself to have such beautiful things as a present to myself. Stealing from the L’Oréal ad I say “ Because I am worth it! Superbe! Thank you Laetitia!

Michele Fleming

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